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Marble is seriously an expensive stone used in various architecture and ranked highly as one of the most lavish, luxurious and stylish flooring alternatives available that capture potential eye-catching attention. Here is a catch, it also needs special attention too, to keep it in the initial condition. Not only does it offer a stunning appearance and make the interior more luxurious, but it offers versatility and functionality as well. 

However, in fact, this stone is also porous, making it easy to stain, easily etched and damaged by acidic substances, and prone to damage from some cleaners. Proper marble cleaning is very important to learn, and if you have installed marble in your home, make sure you know how to clean it correctly.

Let’s put an insight into how to keep your marble tiles look adorable and also at their best.

Sealing :

Whatever marble you may have installed, sealing it every few months is a great step one can take to make the expensive stone stain-proof and make it more stain-resistant ever after. Whoever supplied you marble, better get their recommendations on the right products to use to make sure it’s food or spill safe if you’re using it in the kitchen or any other part of your interior. 

Rubber pads:

Another part of advice that is worth considering is the use of rubber pads or in other words, furniture pads under the chair legs. These things will be helpful when you are moving large pieces of furniture, and for that, it prevents stuff from scratching or damaging the delicate floors. Marble is relatively soft and can be scratched easily during such major occurrences. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Daily Routine:

Routine maintenance is a must, and if somewhere you catch the spills, quickly get the warm soapy water ready and thoroughly dry the surface to get the job done otherwise there is a maximum chance of stains. Don’t ever use acids to clean and keep things like wine and lemon juice aside that contain vinegar and avoid putting them in contact. And in case, if they do spill, tend to them as quickly as possible with ease. 

Long-term Results:

Looking for just short-term or long term results? Or maybe for the cleaning methods and tools or products that would ensure you of a lifetime guarantee. Tanishka Marbles & Tiles is the recommended option for you because the beauty and cleanliness of your marble should be deep and everlasting. We assure of our cleaning methods and cleaners for long-time results when it comes to getting a spotless, dust-free and stunning marble.