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If you’re looking for renovating or enduring hard-wearing solutions for your current flooring interior, then there is a good chance that you’ve come across marble tiles. After all, we know marble is known to be one of the rich classical stones that comes with an in-depth beauty and has been the best flooring material of choice since ancient times.

We wanted to be aware that with the rise of porcelain, ceramic and faux marble tiles, marble tiles have lost some of its popularity. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider them for your home or other floorings. Marble flooring offers several benefits; today, we present you with some cool decorative marbles applications to help you know why marble tiles are the right choice for your installations in your home.​


Nothing compares the beauty of authentic, exquisite, durable and natural-looking marble tiles as it brings a whole new look and feels to any of your interior areas, whether it is for kitchen, bathroom, jacuzzis, fireplaces or bar tops. It also comes in various colours, designs and finishes options and offers a very sophisticated look which is quite uncomparable with other market alternatives flooring options.


The main reason why most people incorporate beautiful marble flooring for their homes is because of the durability it offers. Made from porous materials and mined throughout the world for its popularity for countertops and flooring. Being durable it makes rooms seem more spacious and sturdy while offering a touch of elegance and easy-care. It’s best to install in humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms where frequent splashes of water don’t cause much damage.


It acts as a great insulator for the home interiors to keep the interior relatively cool under direct sunlight during summers; also, it retains the warm atmosphere during the cold winters. Therefore, marble tiles allow you to save on your heating and cooling appliances to the most extent. On the other hand, natural stones like marble are fairly good conductors for heat as it conducts the heat of your hands instantly.


Do you know why marble offers a timeless charm? Just because of its high-glossy and light-reflecting properties. As previously mentioned, marble extends a grand feeling of spaciousness, making the overall rooms more elegant, bright and luminous. If you’d like to achieve this glossy effect in your space, why don’t you choose light coloured marble tiles for your home? It is the perfect choice for your home sweet home.


Well, Marble tiles are one of the most popular flooring options, and above are the top 4 benefits of incorporating it straight to your way. Marble offers a range of interests to the consumers as it deliberately offers gorgeousness, durability, hardwearing, resistant to shattering, insulator and reflection to light. You can practice installing marble tiles in any of your rooms, and we forget to mention, marble is affordable as well.

Tanishka Marbles

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